About BetRite Sports

BetRite Sports Consulting assists clients with the complicated decision making process that comes with successful sports betting.

Sustained profitability is a very difficult process, one that takes time, discipline, expertise and determination. Anyone can have a hot streak or do well in the short term, sometimes even for entire season, but the real test is to accomplish these results for an number of years. 

The staff at BetRite Sports has experience in the sports betting industry for the past 30 years as oddsmakers, bettors, analysts, database managers and analytics researchers. With this overall sports knowledge and wagering experience we feel that we are more than qualified to help our clients achieve profitable results. We will never charge for a play without having invested in it ourselves and always strive to give our clients the best information available in order to help them make their investment decisions. We analyze games/events in NFL, College Football, NBA, College Basketball, MLB, WNBA, PGA and anything else we feel has betting value. Depending on the time of year, we will offer analysis on an average of 2 to 3 games each day that we feel can generate a profit.  

We will always be straight forward and honest about our results (verified by Cappersmonitor.com) and what is realistic and what is not in the world of sports betting. The outrageous claims of numerous so called experts have hurt and embarrassed the industry and have made it difficult for anyone to trust legitimate services. 

Here are a few of our past experiences.

Sports Analyst/Consultant/Bettor

Provide consulting services for sports bettors that includes investment strategies, situational handicapping and using our own Team Value Index to determine investment risk. Successfully invest and manage personal sports wagering accounts at various Las Vegas sportsbooks.

Lead Oddsmaker at Las Vegas Sports Consultants

Worked with legendary oddsmaker, Michael “Roxy” Roxborough at LVSC, the largest odds consulting company in the world at the time. LVSC provided oddsmaking and other services to 90% of the licensed sports books in the state of Nevada. Responsible for setting the opening lines for all sports and working with sportsbook directors to make sure they received the quickest and most accurate bookmaking information available.

Created the Value Index Team and Player Power Rating Systems for setting and adjusting game lines, futures, and propositions.

Director of Sports Operations at Computer Sports World

Designed and produced a sports and thoroughbred horseracing information database, then worked with programmers to create over 5,000 statistical files for thousands of online customers and business partners. These files included daily sports reports, team power ratings, situational trend analysis, game matchup data. Developed proprietary software (Scorecast) for predicting game outcomes based on pre-tested statistical formulas.



Co-Founder of BetRite Sports Consulting
Las Vegas, Nevada





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