Sunday, January 24, 2021 
BetRite Sports broke even (10-9) on Saturday's games. For Conference Championship Day, we have 4 NFL, 7 College Basketball and 4 NBA All Access Premium Plays now available to all BetRite Members!!


BetRite Sports NFL Lines will be posted each Monday by 11:00 am ET.  Check them against the Current Odds to see which games have line value!!

BetRite NFL Lines: Conference Championships

01/24   3:05 pm Tampa Bay Bucs   4 AT   Green Bay Packers  -4 51
01/24   6:40 pm Buffalo Bills   3 AT   Kansas City Chiefs  -3 53.5

Note: When comparing the BetRite NFL and College Football Lines to the current betting line, look for at least a 1.5 point difference in the game total and at least a 1 point difference in the pointspread to have sufficient line value (does not account for game-time key player availability). BetRite Lines are created from the BetRite Value Index Team Power Ratings.




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